Black Death
Siege of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (Military/Weapons)
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This image depicts the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade around the time of 1099. From this picture I can tell that medieval castles were built with high towers, merlons and embrasures to let the defenders fire arrows or spears at the attackers below. Catapults were another weapon that the defenders and attackers used to fire rocks or burning spears over the castle walls. Religion was also important in medieval Europe because a cross is another feature in the castle. The Crusades had a social impact on medieval Europe because many died from these holy wars, which I can tell from the picture. The Crusades also caused a political impact because governments were fighting over who controlled the holy lands.
Medieval Music (Music)
Musicians (Music)
This musical composition made in the 13th or 14th century shows how music was written in medieval times. The notes are written like we write music today, but the note heads are more of a square shape rather than an oval. There are also different musical signs in the score like what we use today. Song lyrics are also depicted in this picture, but they are not in English. Music, like this song, had a social imp​act on medieval Europe because it brought people together when they sang or played these songs.
This picture shows three medieval mu​sicians during the 11th century. One of the musicians is playing the cymbals while the other two are playing the lyre and a medieval instrument that looks like a guitar. Since these instruments look different than the ones we have today, I can tell that music has evolved since the Middle Ages. The three musicians' clothing designs are the same, so I think that they may have been in a band. Music entertains and brings people together now and also in the Middle Ages.
Medieval Peasant Village
The Divine Comedy (Literature)
This image represents the winter farming season in a medieval peasant
village. There are six people and many animals in the village. One man looks like he is walking to another village with his donkey. He may be carrying food or tools. Another man is chopping down a tree. The wood he is cutting will probably be used for firewood to keep the peasants warm in the cold weather. In the shelter area, three peasants look like they are resting and trying to keep warm. I am guessing that it was very cold outside where they worked because the peasants are wearing many layer​s of clothing. Even the sheep are huddled close together in their pen. These peasants helped medieval society because they farmed the land and produced crops. Since the peasants harvested a lot of the medieval village's food, they also helped the economy.
This image is a page from Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. The Divine Comedy was a book written in the 14th Century about a journey to hell, purgatory and heaven. In this image I see two pages of the book. On one page, there is part of the story. It is written in the Italian vernacular at a time when Latin was the most common language used in literature. On the other page, there is an illustration depicting the devil devouring people in hell. The Divine Comedy had an impact on medieval society because it introduced the Italian vernacular to citizens who normally would read books that were written in Latin. The dialect in The Divine Comedy also helped to establish the Italian language.
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