Luther's Bible (Document)
The Book of Courtier (Document)
This is the title page from Martin Luther's German translated Bible which was finished in 1534. Because of his beliefs, Luther "instigated" the Protestant Reformation. He believed that the Catholic Church was in need of reforms and his beliefs contradicted many of the Catholic Church's. By using the bible as a form of religious practice, Luther taught many Europeans that the Church was, in a way, not needed to be able to practice its teachings. The German translated Bible was important because it spread these ideas throughout Northern Europe, where many still believed solely in the Church's teachings. Because of the Bible, and its publication, many Europeans realized that they could practice their faith on their own and some found that they did not agree with some of the Church's practices.
This is a page from the Book of Courtier by Castiglione. It explains the dos and don'ts of Renaissance society. It looks like the writing is in a different language, but there are some words that I can actually understand. There are also very intricate drawings on this page of animals. This book was important because many Europeans read it to understand they style of Renaissance living. The Book of Courtier impacted society because it gave new ideas about how to live.
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