School of Athens

Village Holiday
Pieter Bruegel

This painting, School of Athens, was created by Raphael circa 1510-1511. It depicts many philosophers and famous thinkers together in a large room. They are talking, writing and reading books. Some of these thinkers must specialize in different areas because some hold globes while others hold books or tablets. The room they are in is very intricate and has sculptures of men with spears and shields.Raphael had a social impact on society when he used a new technique, perspective, in School of Athens. His painting promoted perspective and also the use of many colors.
This 16th century painting by Pieter Bruegel is called Village Holiday. It depicts many peasants on a farm working. Some are dancing while others are working and carrying baskets and plates, probably used for a meal. The peasants' clothes all look alike and most of them are wearing red in some way. Pieter Bruegel's art differed from many other artists of his time because he painted scenes showing ordinary people and events. He also used many colors which had not been used in paintings before. Since Bruegel chose to incorporate these things into his paintings, he had a social impact on the rest of society by showing them new art styles.
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