This sculpture made by Michelangelo between 1498 and 1499 is called Pieta. It shows the Virgin Mary holding Jesus in Her arms. Jesus had been crucified and this sculpture is of Mary holding Him after He was taken from the cross. Although there are not many colors in this sculpture, the deatails in Pieta are very ifelike. Mary and Jesus look as if they were real people and not sculptures. Artists like Michelangelo accomplished these lifelike figures by studying the anatomy of human beings. He observed where muscles and bones were to get a better sense of how the body should look. Pieta had a social impact on society because it showed people how studying anatomy can help to produce lifelike sculptures.
Gattamelata was made between 1444 and 1453 by a sculptor named Donatello. It depicts a man riding a horse. Since this man is carrying a sword and looks as if he has some sort of armor on, I would think that he may be going to battle. The sculpture is basically all black and was made by Donatello in the Gothic style. Gattamelata introduced this Gothic style of art to many people living during the Renaissance.
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