‚ÄčThe Telescope
Invented by Galileo

The Printing Press
Invented by Johannes Gutenberg

Galileo Galilei invented this telescope in 1610. It looks as if it has two lenses fixed on a pole with a designs on it. Although it looks different from the ones we have today, Galileo's telescope offered a view of the universe that had never been seen before. The invention of the telescope helped scientists and astronomers to get a better view of the planets and stars that are in the sky.
This is a picture of a working printing press. The printing press was invented in 1455 by Johannes Gutenberg. The picture depicts people working with the printing press. It looks like it is pressing moveable type onto paper. One of the men is picking up the correct letters from a rack in front of him and then places them in ink and into the press. The paper will probably be used to create a book when all of the pages are pressed. The printing press helped to increase literacy and spread new ideas throughout Europe in writing. The spread of religon also came because of the printing press' invention.
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