Martin Luther
Religous Leader

King Henry VIII
This is religious leader, Martin Luther. Throughout his life, he opposed some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. For example, he believed that the sell of indulgences was not a way to lessen the time one spends in purgatory. Instead, he thought that people could be saved through faith alone. He also believed that the bible, not priests, was the source of religious truth. Martin Luther was later excommunicated because of his beliefs. But, he helped to introduce new religious teachings and form new religions.
King Henry VIII, an English king, started the Anglican Church after he broke from the Catholic Church. He wanted to annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon and when the Pope would not allow it, he broke away from the Catholic Church and took over the English Church. He then became Protestant and persecuted those who did not have the same beliefs as him. King Henry created political and social effects by taking over the Anglican Church and becoming Protestant, therefore persecuting those with Catholic beliefs.
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