Astronomy (Science)
Azimuth Quadrant
Tycho Brahe

Astronomy (Science)
Heliocentric Model of Universe

This is an illustration of the azimuth quadrant which was used by astronomers like Tycho Brahe. These quadrants were used to measure the altitude and zentith of stars and planets. From the illustration, I can tell that somehow the scientist would align a star or planet with a "telescope" and then calculate the altitude or zentith. It also looks like the instrument rests on a wheel with numbers on it probably depicting latitude, longitude or altitude. With the help of the azimuth quadrant, scientists were better able to view outer space. Also, all of society could have a better understanding of space with the help of new sciences.
This is Galileo's diagram of the heliocentric universe. Galileo was a scientist and astronomer who believed in a sun-centered universe in which the planets are constantly moving. In his diagram, I see about nine or ten planets. Also shown are the four moons of Jupiter. In the middle of the concentric circles is the sun, and each planet is located on a circle surrounding the sun. Different letters represent each planet and Jupiter has its own set of circles around it showing its moons. This theory of the sun being the center of the universe and how all planets move went against Church teachings of how all heavenly bodies are fixed, non-moving and perfect. This chart had a social and political impact on society becuase it contradicted the Church and gave new ideas to people and government leaders.
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